Whether your goal is to show or ride for fun, we promise that you will find a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere that makes everyone feel comfortable and welcome.

"Courage, confidence, and caring...these are the values that have been reinforced in my daughter because of her participation in English horse riding lessons at Sunriser Stables. My daughter has developed the courage to try new things and stretch her new found abilities with he horses. She has become confident through her lessons and challenged to learn and master new skills. This has translated into confidence that she uses in finding solutions to problems in everyday life. My daughter has learned to be sensitive and caring to the needs of the horses. Through grooming and caring for the physical needs of the horses as well as sensing the horses emotional needs, she has developed compassion and the awareness that all animals should be treated humanely and with a loving, caring heart. My daughter has been riding for over three years at Sunriser Stables and I feel proud at how far she has progressed through hard work and determination. Thank you Ellen for your patience when teaching. Your expertise, passion for what you're doing, and dedication to your craft is reflected in the atmosphere of Sunriser Stables! Your encouragement has made a world of difference for my daughter and the young lady she is becoming. We love Sunriser Stables and always look forward to the next lesson!" - Lynne

"My daughter has been riding horses at Sunriser Stables for just over a year. Ellen, the instructor, takes her time to help all the kids increase their skill level to become a more experienced rider. My daughter looks forward to her lesson each and every time. Ellen respects the riders and in return all the riders respect and love her. Her love for animals especially horses is evident from her character. What I really like about Sunriser Stables is you are not just learning to ride, you are learning how to groom and work as a team. Also, I like how she doesn't have the rider use the same horse at every lesson. This allows for the child to get used to different horses and not get "too comfortable" with one. I am really glad Sunriser Stables is the place I chose for my daughter to ride. I highly recommend using Ellen for English horse riding lessons." - Le-Ann

"Ellen is a fantastic trainer who not only provides constructive feedback, but also never holds back on praises as well. She is so encouraging, upbeat, down to earth and easy going. She will work around your schedule and what you need to improve on as a rider. The horses and facilities are very well taken care of and there is a horse or pony for every riding level. I've improved so much in the past 1+ years I've been riding here and always look forward to my weekly group lessons. I can't say enough good things about Sunriser Stables!" - Vanessa

"Ellen is a great trainer. My daughter has been riding 6 plus yrs and has other trainers that have taught me a lot about what to look for in a good trainer   she just started riding with Ellen the last 2 months. Ellen is very patient, very knowledgeable and takes her time with each child making sure the child is riding at their and Ellen's comfort level. I have been raised around horses and I know how unpredictable they can be at times.  Ellen always tries to make sure every student is safe and in doing that every student must walk before they run. Even if a student has been riding for yrs horses are unpredictable and Ellen is going to take her time with every student give every student the attention they need." - Heather

"Sunriser Stables is an excellent choice if you are a first time rider or an experienced rider. Ellen's expertise, knowledge and positive reinforcement with the riders and their horses is the type of trainer and environment that I was looking for when starting lessons for my daughter. My daughter can't wait to get to lessons. She loves Ms. Ellen, the horses and the other riders. Sunriser Stables is a wonderful place." - Nichole

"Ellen is the type of trainer I wish I had when I was growing up. After a long hiatus, today was my fourth lesson with her and I could not recommend her enough. She is extremely intuitive of both horse and rider and knows how to explain proper horsemanship to me in a way that I understand. She is the perfect combination of professionalism and knowledge but at the same time making my lessons fun and enjoyable." - Anne

"My youngest is having a wonderful experience learning all aspects of horseback riding. Ellen seems to a very experienced, talented and, patient instructor. We count down the days, hours, and minutes to the next class immediately following the one just finished!!" - Jay

"We LOVE Miss Ellen, and of course we love the horses!" - Laura

"With a stressful job, I look forward to my weekly lesson on Saturday mornings. Ellen is always so positive and encouraging! She has also been extremely flexible in working with my changing schedule. The horses are well-trained and VERY well taken care of, the best I've seen as lesson horses. It is an investment you will NOT regret." - Sarah

"Excellent!! Ellen is so patient and kind! The horses are all so good with the kids. This was an extremely positive experience for my daughter!!" - Karen

"I cannot begin to explain just how much my daughter loved camp this summer. She has always had a love for horses and now loves them even more, especially Mr. Freckles! The camp itself not only taught her about how to care for and ride the horses, but also included a super fun craft activity each day that my daughter couldn't wait to show everyone. Hands down the best camp around. THANK YOU!" - Jennifer