Horse Show Guidelines

You must show a positive and hardworking attitude in the barn to be considered to horse show. Miss Ellen will give you your show entry form, and then you must submit it to the show in a timely manner.

  • You must own your own show attire (see below) to be able to horse show.
  • You are in charge of caring for your horse at the horse show (i.e. grooming, bathing, water buckets, clean stall, hay provided, feeding, hand walked etc.).
  • Your horse must have his/her mane shortened, mane and tail braided if required, and body clipped and show clipped (i.e. legs, face, ears, etc.). Body clipping occurs at least one month prior to the show, show clipping and mane pulling occurs at least one week prior to the show.
  • Your tack needs to be cleaned at least one day prior to show. You must own your own tack cleaning supplies.
  • Riders must be present to help pack for the horse show, set up at the horse show, haul horses to and from the horse show, and help clean up after the horse show at the show itself and back at Sunriser Stables.
  • There is no guarantee that you will get to go to any particular horse show or every horse show.
  • There is no guarantee which horse you will show unless you own your own horse.
  • There is no guarantee you will be the only person showing a particular horse unless you own your own horse.
  • There is no guarantee you will show both days of a horse show unless you own your own horse.
  • There is a strong possibility that you will be competing against other Sunriser Stables riders. You must be supportive of each other.

Horse Show Rates

You must be approved by Sunriser Stables’ trainer, Ellen Morris, to be eligible to horse show.

  • Trainer Fee- $60 per day
  • Hauling Fee- $50 (to the Escambia County Equestrian Center) add $0.50 per mile for further.
  • Horse Lease Fee- $40 per day
  • Tack Rental Fee- $30 per day if all equipment; $15 per day if only renting bridle/girth and using rider’s personal saddle
  • Mane Pulled (rider can do this if approved by trainer)- $30
  • Clipping (rider can do this if approved by trainer)- $50
  • Braiding (if show requires; not schooling shows [i.e. PHJA and Coastal]; rider can do this if approved by trainer)- $70
  • Tack cleaning- Rider is in charge of cleaning their own tack at least one day prior to show (i.e. saddle, bridle, girth, boots)

**Must be paid in advance to horse show**Prices are subject to change at any time**

FEES AT THE HORSE SHOW are the rider’s responsibility (i.e. Stall/Shavings (minimum of 4 bags) Fee; Grounds/Medic Fee; Class Fees; Judges Fee; etc.). These fees are paid in the horse show office after you are done showing.

Items Required To Show

*Show pants need to be clean and have belt loops; tan or beige

  • Jodhpurs - Under the age of 12 or in paddock boots Example
  • Breeches by the age of 13, front or side zip Example


  • Brown Paddock boots if under 13 years old or shorter than 5ft 2in Example
  • Black Tall field boots if older than 13 years old or taller than 5ft 2in Example 

*Other items

  • Brown (must match paddock boot color) Knee/Garter Straps- under the age of 13 and wearing paddock boots Example
  • White long-sleeve show shirt with stand up collar, must be button up, no zipper Example
  • Show jacket- 3 buttons, blue or black Example
  • Black riding helmet ASTM/SEI approved Example
  • Black gloves Example
  • Belt ideally matches boots, black or brown
  • Long hair needs to be contained in a hairnet under the helmet; hairnet must match color of rider’s hair
  • Black show whip if your horse needs one
  • White show saddle pad that fits your saddle Example
  • Saddle rack Example
  • Bridle hook Example
  • Horse shampoo and conditioner
  • Show sheen
  • Mane grooming and thinning knife Example
  • Tack cleaning supplies (i.e. sponges, leather cleaner, leather conditioner, neatfoot’s oil)